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About this site

The goal for this site is to become a community contributed collection of facts, figures,  ideas and support for Mikrotik configurations and especially for showing ways of  doing things ‘outside the box’. Since it’s creation in August 2009 the site has had over 400,000 views and now sees around 500 hits daily.

About the authors

Andrew Cox aka Omega-00: 

I am an active contributor to the MikroTik forum as well as a full time network administrator, working on both wireless and wired networks, specialising in hotspot solutions using an in-house software solution that inter-operates with MikroTik RouterOS.

I also enjoy consulting to other companies around the world on jobs that are unique, often for free.

My experience with MikroTik began in 2006 and has included a number of major scripting projects including my first major project;  a self contained MikroTik usage monitoring system that can still be found both on this site and over on the MikroTik wiki – http://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Automated_Usage_Script_without_usermanager

My pet MikroTik hate is the lack of specifics. From change logs not detailing ALL changes, to missing documentation on new features that are announced in newsletters only!

Regardless, I still enjoy working with MikroTik products to this day 🙂

I enjoy working with computers by day, playing on computers by night and am always happy to help people with my knowledge of RouterOS.

— Dedicated to my parents Allen and Lyn: Without their embrace and acceptance of technology, I wouldn’t be here enjoying the work I do now. —

Andrew Thrift aka nz_monkey:

I am a Network and Security architect working for a large New Zealand based IT services company.

I have a wide range of experience with networking, and work with networking and security products from Extreme Networks, Juniper, Cisco, Fortinet and MikroTik on a daily basis.

I have been using MikroTik RouterOS since 2002 and providing consultancy to ISP and corporate customers since 2008, I also have 16 years of experience deploying radio equipment which is valuable when consulting for WISP customers .

My interest in MikroTik RouterOS comes from it’s flexibility, you can use RouterOS as a BGP router, a PPPoE concentrator, a Wireless Access Point, a 3G router, and you can even automate repetitive tasks with scripting.

My key areas of expertise with MikroTik RouterOS are MPLS, Dynamic Routing, Traffic Management, Outdoor wireless and Mesh networks.

Tom Smyth:

Studied BEng. Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, DCU,Ireland

Has been working in Industry since 2000

  • Server Infrastructure Engineer
  • Systems / Network Administrator
  • Internet Security Consultant

1st MikroTik Certified Trainer in June 2007 in Ireland

Paolo Daniele:

Telecommunications Engineer but i work as Network Engineer in an IT company in Italy.

In this company I’m the system administrator for our servers (we sell hosting and domains)  but i do also administration on our customer’s servers.
I like computers and have been playing with them since I was 6 years old!
I’ve had some courses but most of all the things I’ve picked up, I’ve learned with lots of practice!

I’m working with MikroTik devices because we’re also a WISP and we use these devices for our customers, so I play with scripting to optimize our devices on the network.

I’m a PHP programmer but i know also MySQL, Bash, Java and other languages.
If you need anything, specially in PHP,  just write to me!


14 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. hi, I am looking to bond 4 or 8 usb 3g cards. i want to upload videos from different location using flash media live encoder, but the challenge is bandwith. using a single 3g card, upload doesnt work.

    Can it be possible for your to help me create it on linux, which can agregate the bandwith,loadbalance and works as a failover.

    pl. let me know.thx.Nikunj

  2. G’day Andrew,
    thanks for your work on the multi-WAN script.

    I have implemented the script but am finding that when both WANs (Exetel and Southern Phone ADSL)are connected (ADSL modems in bridge mode) users are having trouble browsing to SOME sites, and some sites partially load. When I turn off the Exetel then all is well. The Exetel connection is fine if ADSL modem is in router mode and a laptop is connected directly.

    I know this is vague but do you have anything I could check?

    I can suppy any details you require.

    Thanks, Dave.

  3. Do you offer Mikrotik telephone consulting support? If so, where are you located? (If you’re both in NZ, a telephone relationship from the US probably wouldn’t work out.)

  4. David/RnBGuy It would likely be an MTU size issue; check increasing size non-fragmented pings to a remote host that supports at least 1500byte packets.

  5. Hey Omega-00

    Is it possible to verify if a user is logged in a remote wordpress installation from the mikrotik login.html?

    My client wants to have customers logged in a wordpress site before the router allows user to browse the internet in trial mode.

    Is this possible somehow?

  6. hi Andrew, I am in a bit if a bind…trying to do some scripting and just need to set the vpls id to a global var however if i try to set it by doing :global vplsID “30:3207\; I get a time stamp date instead how do I store it as a string ?

  7. Hi Ibersystems,

    Fantastic, I’m happy to have some more input. I’ve seen you around on the forums; I’ve sent you an email and some details to submit posts if you’re keen. 🙂


  8. Hey,

    Apologies that it’s not really relevant to this page, but may I ask, how are you using ROS syntax highlighting in WordPress? I’ve recently started posting some ROS stuff on my own blog and syntax highlighting would look good. I’m currently using SyntaxHighlighter Evolved’s plain text for ROS code.


  9. Hey NorthAntrim,

    I’m using SyntaxHighlighter Evolved and SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: RouterOS Brush – the later created by Justin Miller
    If you can’t find them, wing me an email on [email protected] and I’ll try and package them up and hosting here.


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