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RouterOS Bridge and Vlan Configuration for CRS devices on v6.43.X

I’ve seen a few posts recently in the MikroTik forums and MikroTik Subreddit about the confusing nature of creating native (wirespeed) vlans on the CRS range of hardware and wanted to put together a template that gives you a good idea of how these work, and what the configuration of a few different port types looks like.

While I will go into more detail on this soon – the following (designed for a CRS328-24P-4S+RM) has:

  • PC Connected ports
  • PC Connected ports with support for an inline VoIP Phone
  • Tagged/Untagged ports for Access Point administration and wireless network passthrough
  • Untagged port for a server
  • Tagged Trunk ports for passing vlans between switches
  • Adding an IP address to an Admin vlan for access to the configured switch
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Back from cracked camp.

Just a quick apology to those I’ve been slow to get back to or had to turn away over the last couple of weeks.
I’m finally back to being able to use 2 hands for typing now so should be getting back into the swing of things!

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I’ll be going through some of the older emails as quick as I can.

For those who weren’t aware, I’ve been down and out for the last 2 months due to a particularly nasty broken arm, caused by a lack of vitamin D (the one you get from sunlight, doh!).


Las Vegas

Roller coasters – check
Indoor Sky-Diving – check
Meeting new faces at MUM – check
Acquired MTCWE certification – check

I hear rumor that some new products will be announced tomorrow morning along with some new revisions to the RB2011 (not yet released).

Attended the load-balancing workshop this morning which both confirmed my ideas about how PCC should be used but also went into detail on a few new concepts such as, using the MPLS Traffic Engineering features for bandwidth based load balancing over multiple links. As usual these slides + video will be available on when the MikroTik guys get back home.