Password Recovery Tool

Note: It appears this script will no longer function on RouterOS v6.13 and above due to changes in the encryption system used (and the ability to define a password per backup).

This tool allows the retrieval¬†of passwords from a MikroTik “.backup” file.
Note: Some newer RouterOS versions will display users such as “user-led” and “default”; these system users are not accessible via api/ftp/telnet/ssh/winbox.


6 thoughts on “Password Recovery Tool

  1. Hi Roes,

    This is correct as per my update; v6.13 introduced an encrypted backup option which does not work with the password recovery service.

    – Andrew

  2. Hi Usama,

    Unfortunately MikroTik updated the format after v6.13 to use a new method of encryption so this won’t work on backups taken after then.
    I had a message to this effect on the page but have moved it to the top so it’s clearer now.

    Kind Regards,

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