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The Brothers WISP 101 – Cheap OTDR, UBNT Data Collection, IPv6 Tracing

This week Greg,Tomas, Nick, and Tommy talk about networking and listen to traffic driving by Tomas’ house.

This week we talk about:
– George A had a cheap SM OTDR he likes…I wonder if he still does?
– Use caution with cambium 3000s and it looks like 4.4.2 firmware is “pretty good” so far.
Several of us have played with the Mikrotik Audience so far: Review sample from ISPSupplies!
– IPv6 tracing – imcpv6 vs. udp
– Unifi LTE – LTE gateway
– Unifi Dream Machine – new router AP for the house
– Ubiquiti UAP-Beacon HD mesh AP
– UBNT stealthily enables data collection
– Why does Nick B maintain so many random domains?
– Tomas is introducing a “Linux-desktop-only” policy at Unimus – should be fun times…

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

TheBrothersWISP 92 – IPAMs, Verizon Cust BGP Leak, Linux TCP DoS

This week Greg, Tomas, and almost Tom Smyth(but not quite) catch up on a month’s worth of stuff. The show is complete with a Tomas rant(your life is now complete).

This week we talk about:
Greg is looking for a reasonably priced OTDR
Lightning hitting a tree can take out your fiber
PHPIPAM for address management
Mikrotik CVE (linux in general) TCP DOS – fix in 6.45.1
Mikrotik 6.45.1 – API has changed so sonar and other systems aren’t working with it
Bridge filter in MIkrotik can block rogue DHCP servers without sacrificing hardware filtering.
Quick article on installing Mikrotik CHR on proxmox
Nick A. wanted a looking glass, and Greg’s favorite is routeviews
HFS webserver is a good way to test ports through a firewall – thanks Tomas
Physically security APs
Verizon customer leaked full routes due to a route optimizer
The “Tomas corner”:
Tomas loves his Linux Desktop – fully migrated from Windows to Linux on primary PC
RadMan – FOSS FreeRadius Management GUI
Unimus 1.10.2 release
Dealing with CAs as a non-US company is stupid

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

TheBrothersWISP 90 – Ubnt Vs Cambium, Ubiquiti LTU, Nobody Sees The Same Internet

This week Greg, Mike, Dave, and Alex fail at using Zencastr for the first time. We have failed back to the old audio…it is a sadness. 🙁

This week we talk about:
Feature Request Doc
Ubiquiti v Cambium
Ubiquiti LTU
UniFi Certification
Dan was having unifi APs with wireless backhauls not find the controller and fall back to default addressing. Miller says turn off “Uplink Connectivity Monitor” under unifi settings > site
Greg was today years old when he learned IPv6 doesn’t do fragmentation. Path MTU Discovery.
Limit MACs per interface on a Mikrotik.
Danny is trecking through the US soon; he needs mega uploads for his videos…anyone wanna help?
Nobody is looking at the same internet.

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

TheBrothersWISP 86 – Mikrotik IPv6 Vulnerability, MTK Indoor, Technology’s Impact

This week Greg, Tomas, Mike, and Wilson get down with the get down. Get ready towards the end, because we go on some nontechnical discussion on technology’s impact on us in our daily lives along with how the technology we facilitate changes people(we go deep bro).

This cast we talk about:
Mikrotik Update: GPEN to GPEN 210M, GPEN to standard ethernet device 100M
Mikrotik CVE-2018-19299 issue(public release in 10 days). Memory leak due to IPv6 crafted packets moving through router – not yet fixed(though reported as such in 6.45beta22).
MUM Austin – Gus’ chicken, live show, Master Pancake Theater
MikroTik 802.11 indoor vs. TP-Link
TP-Link Archer C5400 vs. Tik cAP

*slack updates*
ROS 6.45beta22 fixes Steve’s EAP Radius issues
Remote admin clients –
Greg converted a Cisco 7200 to an ASR9000
Ciena sent me sales engineers, you’ll never believe what happened next
Mikrotik CRS3xx series are going into production for a lot of us – hardware DHCPsnooping, port isolation, DHCP option 82, vlan filtering, STP
Thrift quote of the week “Stacking is not suitable for highly available networks, it is a technology of convenience not of reliability” Stacking vs MC-LAG

Orville season 2 e11 – lasting impressions
Wondering conversation about the impact of technology on life
Putty / WinSCP vulnerabilities – update now
Udemy Complete Networking Fundamentals

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Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)