The Brothers WISP 112 – UBNT Payment Gateway, Automation Layering, MTK netPower16P

This week Greg, Mike, Thomas, Tommy, and Andrew Cox talk for 2 HOURS about all sorts of things.

This week we talk about:
**Cambium Deal Link**
Ole made a great first ansible playbook – it updates his unimus version!
Greg has ansible playbooks for updating catalyst switch IOSs
Greg has a playbook that connects to mikrotiks, does pings/traceroutes, then aggregates the info.
Greg makes a tutorial on installing Hashicorp vault(using ansible) for the lab and playbooks for working with it.
Always remember strain relief on your connections – Brock and others having ethernet stability issues due to pressure on the connector.
Cox found a small 12V UPS for $25
Mikrotik 4011 mystery lockups – A few people report down clocking a troublesome unit helps “system routerboard settings set cpu-frequency=1200”
Mikrotik netPower16P – 16 port AF/AT outdoor PoE switch
Ubiquiti Payment Gateway
40 Tb optical comb
VCSA 10/10 RCE
Zerodium stops accepting Apple exploits – there is too many
Unimus 2.0.0 release
Quickbooks “Pay Online” blocked my credit card due to no SCA – Thanks…
Canon beta webcam software
Greg will always remember a bag of pubes.

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Making your router talk – MikroTik and Telegram Bot Scripting

While there are existing ways (SNMP/SMS) to run scripts on RouterOS via external means, I’ve been meaning to show off a system I built based around Telegram Messenger – as it’s a relatively common one, and has a flexible API for interfacing with.

I began this with the older MikroTik 4096 character variable limit in mind, intending to process 1 or 2 messages at a time, but found half way through that this no longer applies (yay) – so as many as 100 messages or more could be pulled down at the same time and churned through the processing script.

Because we’re running this based around a single-threaded processing script it’s not going to be the fastest implementation, but I’m hoping this is a good start for anyone looking to expand on the functions I’ve added here.

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Greg Talks 11 – Hollywood Dreams, Post-Covid Handshake, Media

Greg talks to Justin Burdine.

This week we talk about:
IT in Hollywood
New post Covid handshakes.
Working from home tips: have a dedicated space, follow normal routine, dress for work, voip phone, vpn via router, take some laps. If you need noise try music or podcasts, videos are pretty distracting.
The Last Leg on Channel4 in the UK.
Friday night dinner new season on the 27th.
Man I still really like Seinfeld. I can still watch and really enjoy it.
Great British pottery throw down…it’s alright.
Sales engineering is baller.
I got corrugated plastic, like in signs, to make some PB paddle cases for travel – not that I’ll be doing that anytime soon.

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Bob Beck Interview on OpenBSD, libTLS, LibreSSL with Tom Smyth at EuroBSDCon 2018

Bob Beck shares his experience of participating in the OpenBSD project. He patiently discusses aspects of the project he likes and enlightens us about the some of the methodologies OpenBSD use to root out bugs in the OS / general Eco System. Thanks Bob.

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The Brothers WISP 101 – Cheap OTDR, UBNT Data Collection, IPv6 Tracing

This week Greg,Tomas, Nick, and Tommy talk about networking and listen to traffic driving by Tomas’ house.

This week we talk about:
– George A had a cheap SM OTDR he likes…I wonder if he still does?
– Use caution with cambium 3000s and it looks like 4.4.2 firmware is “pretty good” so far.
Several of us have played with the Mikrotik Audience so far: Review sample from ISPSupplies!
– IPv6 tracing – imcpv6 vs. udp
– Unifi LTE – LTE gateway
– Unifi Dream Machine – new router AP for the house
– Ubiquiti UAP-Beacon HD mesh AP
– UBNT stealthily enables data collection
– Why does Nick B maintain so many random domains?
– Tomas is introducing a “Linux-desktop-only” policy at Unimus – should be fun times…

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