RB1100 review coming soon.

I’ve been offered an RB1100 to review which I’ll be receiving later this week. The RB1100 is the successor to the RB1000 with more than double the ports and some unique features.. more on this later.

Expect a review here sometime over the weekend when I’ve had a bit of a play 🙂

Greg Sowell (a guru who’s blog provides me with many helpful bits of information) has some more of the details here: http://gregsowell.com/?p=1587


2 thoughts on “RB1100 review coming soon.

  1. Well, I have one employed, and am so happy with it, I decided to upgrade to the RB1100ahX2. 3 years and 3 months later, how do you feel about your RB1100?

  2. I actually have about 30 odd RB1100’s and another 20 odd RB1100AHX2’s in production around the place, have started rolling our CCR’s in larger sites now too in place of our X86’s, very happy thus far!

    Look out for the new SFP+ CCR announcement at the US mum next week.

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