MUM Australia – April 2011

So I’m sitting in a hotel in Brisbane after having had a fun filled week of all things MikroTik.


  • I’m now a fully qualified MTCNA.
  • Meeting Normis, Janis and Arnis.
  • Seeing the new RB751N (pics later on).


All in all the meeting was great and I’m sure we’ll see presentations (my favourites were the MPLS and IPv6 presentations) appear on soon!

Many of the planned IPv6 features were also mentioned so I’m hanging out and keeping my ear open for any updates there, specifically in the hotspot and DHCPv6 (prefix delegation) areas.

Now, those aforementioned pictures:

Size comparison photo.. for comparing sizes..
RB751 + USB + High Power 2.4ghz 802.11n Dual-chain MIMO.
MikroTik's answer to the Ubiquiti bullet.. of course this is a fully functioning router thou 😀
RB751UP = RB751 + USB port + PoE for MikroTik devices.

Huge thanks to DuxTel for organising the event and hope to see everyone back there again next year or the year after! 🙂


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