RouterOS v6.0beta1 new feature review

It’s been out over 2 months now and I’ve been running it on a test home router for 79 days personally so I figure it’s about time to make you all aware of just some of the new features in RouterOS v6.0beta1

Certificate upgrades:

The built in certificate functions now allow creation of self signed CA’s via /certificate ca 
Support for SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrolment Protocol) has been introduced in both a client and server role via /certificate scep which allows the easy delivery and revocation of certificates from a central point (your all seeing RouterOS box of course!)

This feature does not appear to be present in winbox yet however I will try to remember to add a picture when it is!

Traffic Generator:

This tool allows you to extend your service testing kit by providing the ability to generate raw traffic on specific ports and protocols for testing purposes.
Found under /tool traffic-generator, you can build a custom test packet using the packet template, settings values such as vlan, source and destination IP address, fragmentation flag status, dscp value and raw data content to name a few.

The possibilities for testing with this tool are incredibly promising and exciting*


*I’m very interested to test the reliability of the statistics this presents against some upper end service qualification gear from Xena Networks (whom MikroTik themselves use for their router throughput testing) and Accedian Networks.


4 thoughts on “RouterOS v6.0beta1 new feature review

  1. This feature looks fantastic, I agree with Greg, forum section so people can exchange templates. This will be good for ensuring excellent performance of RTP/ICA and other realtime protocols.

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