ROS Syntax highlights in Notepad++

1. Download Notepad++:

2. Install Notepad++

3. Download file RouterOS Syntax-Highlighter and extract the notepad++ xml file within.

4. Open Notepad++

5. Click Language > User-Defined > click Import button.
Import the xml file you unzipped.
6. Close and reopen Notepad++

7a. Open an .rsc script, and syntax highlighting will be visible.

7b. Alternatively open any file and select the “RouterOS” language option

Example highlighting

Thanks to dtoffo on the MikroTik forums for the original release of this highlighter.


9 thoughts on “ROS Syntax highlights in Notepad++

  1. the Syntax link is broken. It takes me to the page to click to download, but the link to download the file kicks up a page in gibberish that lists it should be a .rar file.

  2. Hi Igor,

    The link works fine for me in Chrome. Perhaps try right click “save link as” in your browser.
    I’ll email you a copy of the file now too just in case.


  3. Hello, these instructions are out of date. Step 5 cannot be completed, can you review and update?

    Thank you

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