Study guide: Moving up to RouterOS v6

Given v6.0 stable is now upon us I’ve taken some time to collate some of the posts I’ve been familiarising myself with over the last few weeks to understand the major changes that have been implemented in this release and how to best upgrade and make use of these.


I’ve tagged some videos and forum posts below with topics breakdowns for ease of review

1. RouterOS v6 New Features by Janis Megis
Topics: Simple Queues, Queue Tree, HTB changes, TILE support, DHCP Options, DHCP Client, Wireless Advanced Channels, SCEP Protocol Support

2. RouterOS v6 Security by Tom Smyth
Topics: IP Security, IP Forward, Redirects, Fastpath, Reverse Path Filter, Blackhole Routes, TCP Syn Cookies, IPv6 Security, Bridge Horizon, Bridge Split Horizon

3. QoS v6 by Valens Riyadi
Topics: QoS, Simple Queues, Queue Tree, Packet Flow, PCQ, Mangle, Double QoS (This is addressed in 4. below)

4. Double QoS for v6
Forum Thread:
Topics: QoS, HTB, Queue Tree, Simple Queues

5. RouterOS Packet Flow Diagram for version v6.x
Forum Thread:
Topics: Packet Flow, Bridging, Routing, MPLS


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