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RouterOS v7.0 released (april fools joke)

Update: Yes for those of you who did double-takes, this is/was an April fools joke 🙂

Some exciting new changes announced!

What's new in 7.0:
 *) dude - 5.0 package released for PPC and CCR platforms
 *) ppp - LNS/LAC support added
 *) ppp - CoA updates now supported for all ppp services
 *) openvpn - UDP transport support
 *) ipsec - VTI support added
 *) bonding - added support for TRILL
 *) wireless - fixed auto frequency feature, all existing chipsets now support 802.11ac;
 *) console - more colors added to terminal output
 *) ethernet - added option to enable 802.3af/at from terminal on new CRS PoE models
 (will be disabled by default);
 *) ethernet - added GUI setup mode for switch chip vlan configuration
 *) routing - new routing package released for CCRs;
 *) system - Routers will now print money
 (will be disabled by default);
 *) safe mode replaced with april fools mode

Edit: It’s finally real – v7.0beta is available here: https://mt.lv/v7