TheBrothersWISP 13 – Meet Tom

In this episode we have Myself(Greg Sowell), Justin Wilson, and special guest Tom Smyth.

Tom is a trainer/consultant from Ireland. He is, quite frankly, insane. Inspite of, or more likely because of, his insanity he is also a lot of fun. Even though it was 3AM for him he stuck it out and had a LOT of interesting things to say…it would be impossibly to silence him; and with such a beautiful singing voice, why would you want to? hehehe

Talking about:
Reverse Path Forwarding
Tom’s New Orleans MUM presentation “MTK advanced security”
Tom explains why one would want to separate your sectors.
Of course we had to talk about the CCR(Cloud Core Router) and yes, Don, we mention you 😉
Will X86 survive and why.
Does the CCR need an app store?
Could we get virtualized appliances (IPS, load balancer)?
Anyone want to pay for our trip to the European MUM?…if so, drop me a comment hehehe.
ARIN fees.
IPV6, why we aren’t pushing for it in the states.

BTW, Tom and all of that crazyness will be in Dallas from February 3rd through the 9th. If you want to grab a pint, look him up 😉

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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