TheBrothersWISP 18 – GPON, GAON, AirFiber, New Mikrotik, New Ubiquiti, Mimosa

It’s been ages since we’ve gotten together, but we had a pretty good showing. Greg Sowell, Tom Smyth, Justin Miller, Mike Hammet, and JJ Boyd talk shop.

Some of the things discussed:
airFiber/New Ubiquiti Gear
New Mikrotik gear – Thanks for assembling everything Andrew Cox!
New Mimosa gear
Observium monitoring tools
Cacti monitoring tools
A little about IPTV and content rights.

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


One thought on “TheBrothersWISP 18 – GPON, GAON, AirFiber, New Mikrotik, New Ubiquiti, Mimosa

  1. Dear Gentlemen,
    I am Kiran, from Bangalore, India. We are a small system integration company, helping internet networks here in India. We offer technology solutions, such as Ethernet over Co-ax, GEPON, GPON solutions, including network architecture, hardware and related management services. I heard that we can offer GPON solution through Mikrotik Router Board. Can you experts, help us understand this, please??

    Best Regards,


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