TheBrothersWISP 37 – London MUM 2016, Hardware, Mikrotik Bugs, INOG/IPv6

Greg, Mike, Tomas, and Tom ramble about a lot of things…we inadvertently spend a lot of time musing over Mikrotik and the mysterious version 7.

This week we chat about:
Unimus was at London MUM – update us
CCR1009 hardware change-no switchchip/more throughput
hAP lite new design/color
wAP Lte
Cavium chips (better CCRs?)
EdgeMax SFP+ Support
MTK Bug pre 6.22 upgrading to 6.37.0 or 6.37.1 – firewall establish/related removed
Juniper aggressive pricing
SpaceX satellite internet
ATT pole lawsuits
Mike wants SNMP DOM/DDM support for SFPs
Google outage in middle europe + east US
Ripe Training Courses…
A LOT of IPv6 stuff/nat64/dns64/dual stack

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Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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