TheBrothersWISP 78 – MTK Grey Hat, RF E Asymmetric Horns, Supermicro HW Hack?

This week Greg, Andrew Cox, Andrew Thrift, Dave, and Nick Arellano choot the chit.

This cast we talk about:
Generate ACLs for country based filtering
Route filter for North America
Mikrotik grey hat hacker asking for donations.
New logo challenge…what do you guys like?
Don’t use RB1100 ports 11-13; on pcie interface which causes errors and slowness
Ken had to downgrade to 6.40 to get his LTE card working
RF Elements asymmetric horns
RB4011 vs CCR1009 BGP load time
Optimizing throughput for CCR1072 – bgp / route filtering / queues / firewall rules – accept known first etc
Bloomberg Supermicro report rebuttal
Thoughts on Cisco IOS-XR “first impressions”
Play AM radio using your web browser
Libssh authentication bypass on Cisco
Protecting customers from themselves: what do you block?
IPv6 channel is active – Did the internet birth trolls?

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Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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