TheBrothersWISP 81 – CEPH/ZFS, Charging for RFO, Dynamic SIP Servers

This week Greg, Mike, Dave, and the coolest kid I know in VA, Miller, take it to the mat.

This cast we talk about:
Open media vault
Dynamic SIP server location
“Tubes” book PDF?
AT&T charges for RFO
DNS Flag day
What bandwidth bursting be used for other than online video streaming services in effort to improve end user experience in a practical sense.

Slack Updates
Austin MUM – record a little brothers wisp podcast?
Andrew Thrift is now prepared to answer all of your Fortinet questions.
Jeremy has found success with receiving and processing is abuse notifications at
NV2 for 802.11ac is broken on Mikrotik ARM kit, so avoid it.
Thrift is pushing for a standardized API with Mikrotik.
802.11 beaconing with additional SSIDs
When you think an optic may be running too hot, you can try wrapping fiber around a pencil
Tomas wants unimus feedback “If you aren’t using it, what are your reasons?”

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