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CRS Basic Vlan Configuration

I’ve been playing around with v6.13rc12 over the last week on a CRS125-24G-1S and have put together a an example script for provisioning the unit with a user-vlan and an admin-vlan that are trunked back via the SFP port.

I’ve been waiting for a long time to have a usable and readable switch chip config on the CRS platform, so I hope this is useful for some of you guys too.


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Using PCC to load balance across multiple non bonded links.

This is my ongoing work at using multiple ADSL services and the Mikrotik PCC rules along with some inbound mangling to allow a single router to load balance traffic across as many non bonded links as required.

Updated: 7th Jan 2010 – notes: added static routing marks for inbound traffic as inbound should never fall over to backup routes, while outbound should go over whatever is available. Also cleaned up routing order so it’s easier to read.

Note that none of this config requires the use of IP addresses at all, as it simply uses the pppoe-client interfaces and your lan interface to mark traffic. In my example wan1-pppoe,wan2-pppoe,wan3-pppoe are used and lan

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