TheBrothersWISP 43 – UBNT/Mikrotik Exploits, UBNT Airmax AC Gen2, WISPAmerica Wrapup

This cast we have Tomas, Miller, Mike, and Greg chatting it up. Greg is rocking his old robo mic, so let us know if the quality improved. I know my “P”s were a little harsh, I’ll put my pop filter back on.

This cast we talk about:
Upgrade your Cnpilots if they are running 4.3 or older.
Airmax AC Gen 2
UBNT Exploit on devices performing NATing.
CIA Vault 7 exploits 8k docs- “Hive” MTK vulnerable HTTP server
Mikrotik patched Hive hole – 6.38.5 – bugfix 6.37.5
Mikrotik fixed CCR IPSec packet reordering issue – 3/12/2017: 6.39rc51
Mikrotik MUM Denver, CO, May 25-26
WISPAmerica Interviews – WISPA Award Winnders
Packetflux Interview
Baltic/Siklu Interview
Micronet Coms Interview
Mimosa Interview
UBNT Interview
Unifi Updates Interview
SIAE Interview
McCown Tech Interview
Ignitenet Interview
VISP Interview
Contact WISPA about recording sessions in case you can’t make it, and Mike will love you.

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Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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