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The Brothers WISP 98 – Warshipping, LACP Hashing, Switch Port Security

This week Greg, Mikey, and Tomas do a lot with a little, and at the end we get a patented Mike rant in place of the normal Tomas one LOL

This week we talk about:
Mikoritk trolled us with the “new hardware found in new NPK file”…thanks Obama
ROS v7 alpha 2 out, CHR release available
Colin asks about 802.3ad(LACP) and how to distribute traffic. Transmit hasing, bro.
Mikrotik CSS port security – lock on first, no other options.
Chad had random reboot issues 6.44.5 long term- official response “might be bonding issue fixed in 6.45”
Jeremy asks about notification systems: pagerduty, opsgenie, victorops, email to sms
NetXMS 3.0 released
Mike complains about municipalities and fiber – he complains about everything

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

Mikrotik ROS V7 BGP CCR Performance – Leaked Video!

Greg Sowell, Justin Miller, and Justin Wilson get a live demo of 6 BGP peers loading on a CCR1016 running a build version of router OS version 7.
We give all the details we have on the inner workings of the new engine.

3.5 million routes in around 3 minutes and the UI didn’t bat an eye. Per table memory utilization is about 145MB.

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Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

TheBrothersWISP 44 – Mikrotik EU MUM Announcements, Unifi In-wall, News

This cast Greg is out of town so forgive the barking dogs please(I’m not just talking about Mike). We have Greg, Mike, and Tomas catching up on a LOT of hardware…like a lot a lot.

This cast we talk about:’s CWDM/DWDM education
FS free shipping/no tax from North American warehouses
Inmates build PCs in prison ceiling
Mimosa C5 security updates
Unimus adds Cumulus support
Free Range Routing = cows with routers
Surge suppression 101
Extreme picks up Brocades routing assets
Unifi In-wall – compact inwall AC AP poe powered w/poe out
MUM products
CSS326-24G-2S+RM – 24gig/2SFP+
CRS317-1G-16S+ – 16 port SFP+, new switch chips, line rate switching, hardware STP, dual boot
wAP LTE – 2g 3g, external antenna optional
hAP mini – 2ghz radio, 3 ethernet, 8cm tall, great case design
“RB1100AHx4 – same case, new quad core Cortex A15 cores clocked at 1.4 GHz, Two SATA3 ports, Two M.2 ports, 60GB SSD included
PowerBox Pro – outdoor 5 port router, poe out af/at, SFP for fiber
mUPS – battery backed poe injector
LtAP mini

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TheBrothersWISP 43 – UBNT/Mikrotik Exploits, UBNT Airmax AC Gen2, WISPAmerica Wrapup

This cast we have Tomas, Miller, Mike, and Greg chatting it up. Greg is rocking his old robo mic, so let us know if the quality improved. I know my “P”s were a little harsh, I’ll put my pop filter back on.

This cast we talk about:
Upgrade your Cnpilots if they are running 4.3 or older.
Airmax AC Gen 2
UBNT Exploit on devices performing NATing.
CIA Vault 7 exploits 8k docs- “Hive” MTK vulnerable HTTP server
Mikrotik patched Hive hole – 6.38.5 – bugfix 6.37.5
Mikrotik fixed CCR IPSec packet reordering issue – 3/12/2017: 6.39rc51
Mikrotik MUM Denver, CO, May 25-26
WISPAmerica Interviews – WISPA Award Winnders
Packetflux Interview
Baltic/Siklu Interview
Micronet Coms Interview
Mimosa Interview
UBNT Interview
Unifi Updates Interview
SIAE Interview
McCown Tech Interview
Ignitenet Interview
VISP Interview
Contact WISPA about recording sessions in case you can’t make it, and Mike will love you.

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Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)